Green Cask firkin bounces like a ball in 2m drop test

Green Cask firkins! No dents or deformation when dropped from 2m onto a concrete surface – almost unbreakable? How good are these?



Casks are here!!

We now have 4.5 gal (20.5 lt) Pins and 9 gal (41 lt) Firkins in stock in our Sydney warehouse.  Contact us for a quote.


Beer Engines…to sparkler or not to sparkler?

Before the beer reaches the glass there’s the final important question.  Should it be served thorough a sparkler or not?

Serving beer through any handpump agitates the beer to some extent and aerates it. However, traditionally in the North of England a sparkler or tight nozzle is also attached at the end of the “swan neck” on the outlet of the beer engine. Continue reading


about kegs and spears…

When you go to buy kegs its useful to remember that you are actually buying both a barrel (the keg) and a part of the dispense system (the spear). Its important to make your requirements clear to the supplier. Continue reading


Why we like Wyeast

More Yeast
With a minimum of 100 billion cells per package, the 125 ml Activator™ has the highest cell count of any ready to pitch fresh 100% Pure Liquid Yeast™ product on the market.

Built-in Activation
The Wyeast Smack Pack™ is the only package on the market that provides proof of yeast activity before use. You know the yeast is active before it goes into your wort.

Ready to Pitch
The 125 ml Activator™ is ready to pitch immediately, or for an added boost, activate the yeast when you start brewing and pitch it in its active state by the time the wort is cool. The Activator™ gives the brewer options no other package can deliver. Continue reading


Fantastic New Portinox kegs


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Green Casks Are Coming!

They’re on the water and not far away – 9 Gal /41 Lt Green Casks
Continue reading